Just like you, we too fell in love with the machines of a world that once was.
Feeling rewarded only touches the surface when restoring a typewriter to former glory, so we made it our goal to preserve these forgotten machines for the new era of writers, poets, and eccentric typists!

2015 was the year it all began, as two young adults with a shared passion; we searched far and wide to locate these hidden gems in much need of care.

On our journey we came across a plethora of stories that accompanied these typewriters, from the people who had handed them down, to the ones forgotten from living memory, hidden inside the cases are papers to tell their stories through fantastical letters and scrapbook mementoes, sometimes up to 100 years old. Which we often enjoy posting to our Instagram.

We come from a generation born typing, but not on that of a typewriter.
Typing for our generation is like learning to walk, it's in our blood and that's why we meet these mysterious machines with great intrigue.
Enthralled by their stoic nature and fuelled on the power of imagination, typewriters offers a means of solace encased within their magnificently intricate engineering, a joy for both the creative and logical alike.

It's mesmerising to press a single key and watch multiple fine pieces of metal, setting off a chain reaction to command the typebar to meet with paper.
Typewriters are a practical instrument and artistic delight that we strive to share with all in this sometimes chaotic and digitised world, for all of the writers, poets and artists out there.

It's our pleasure to bring to you these writing dream machines, from rust to gleaming glory.